Author: Chai Skyler

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Studentenkrant’s October Horoscopes

October looks like a labyrinth to me. A fair amount of twists, turns, and surprises. Be prepared to abandon your plans. Expect the unexpected. The month holds the same tone of harsh frustration and conflict as September, but everything becomes a tad more berserk. Don’t think that’s possible? Never say never. The good news is that, after this month, we are through the worst part of this astrological weather.

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Studentenkrant’s Summer Horoscopes

July and August are a slow build up to the tumultuous fall months. July is spitting and hot, and not good for matters of communication. August offers some motivation and energy, and is overall more pleasantly uneventful compared to other months in 2020- although, the last weeks of August are increasingly tense. Still, we can take a break this summer before heading straight into the fray of a stressful and combative autumn. Whatever seemingly small problems you encounter in these two months are going to later be drawn out for much longer than expected.

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Studentenkrant’s June Horoscopes

Let me try and explain June: it’s a balloon being stuck through with a pin. False hopes will be buoyed for a moment but will then sour. Still, you should enjoy what little sweetness we do have left before it’s completely gone, unless the current aftertaste for you is too volatile and tinged with blood. The first stretch of the month has the capacity to be somewhat enjoyable, though it continues the “dramatic” social and interpersonal situations of May. By the 25th, questions about relationships will become more clear, direct, and bright. Any illusions you had will begin to fade.

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