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Studentenkrant’s October Horoscopes

October looks like a labyrinth to me. A fair amount of twists, turns, and surprises. Be prepared to abandon your plans. Expect the unexpected. The month holds the same tone of harsh frustration and conflict as September, but everything becomes a tad more berserk. Don’t think that’s possible? Never say never. The good news is that, after this month, we are through the worst part of this astrological weather. 

This month illustrations are of the planets instead of the signs, by Sebald Beham, from 1539. Brief explanations of the planet’s meanings are included. 

Remember, you have all the planets and signs within your chart. You are not solely one planet or sign, but rather all of them together in a unique combination. However, within a certain realm of your life, or to a certain person, you might play the role of a certain planet. 

Note: These horoscopes are written specifically for your rising sign/ascendant sign. However, you may still try reading your sun sign. (or, if you were born at night, better to try your moon sign.) See which is more accurate for you in the end. 

If you don’t know your rising sign, you can calculate it online. It depends on the time and location of your birth. Astro.com is one reliable website for this. You are looking for the sign of the “AS”/“Ascendant”, which is located in the left part of your chart. This point shows the part of the sky which was on the eastern horizon when you were born, and is the starting point of the rest of your chart.

The moon reveals information about the physical health of your body, your emotions and emotional habits, your domestic habits, what brings you comfort, and the material conditions you were born into. The moon can represent women, mothers, children, the begetting and nourishment of life, those who care for others, nurses, wanderers, priestesses, queens, royalty, food, possessions, that which grows or occurs cyclically.

CANCER ♋ – the feminine, nocturnal home of the Moon

So, how frustrated are you so far about your career? And did you stand up to your cold partner, or are they succeeding in knocking you down and denying you? Maybe it’s time to try a different approach in both areas. That might involve rethinking what you do creatively for yourself, as well as what you do in bed. Mainly, this month will be very revealing for you. 

Mercury is the trickster and messenger. Depending on his condition, he can have a wide variety of meanings. He amplifies and mimics what he interacts with. Mercury is communication, technology, detailed research, academia, writing, games, youth, androgyny, intelligence, banking, money and trade. Mercury is the way we think and speak. He can represent scribes, writers, authors, administrators, young people, poets, thieves, those who work in markets. (Suitable that a Hermes statue overlooks the Vismarkt.) 

GEMINI ♊ – the masculine, diurnal home of Mercury 

Yeah, your friends are clearly insane. Instead of a bull in a china shop, more like rabid bears in a supermarket. Do you enjoy watching their antics or are you getting tired of it? With your frisky nature, I bet you kind of like it. Still, it’s a bit annoying to be responsible for their messes, and also to be in charge of your partner’s finances. Finally- have fun cleaning your house, and watch out for miscommunications with professional peers or with your work environment.

VIRGO ♍ – the feminine, nocturnal home of Mercury

Virgo, let go of your fear. It’s a toothed thing that only hurts you. Look forward instead to a breakthrough involving your spirituality or worldview- possibly involving your siblings, or that weirdly creepy old lady who hangs around on your street. Something is definitely going to shock you. You will look very pretty, by the way, and that might finally help you figure out what you want.

Venus signifies the bringing together of people, pleasure, beauty, art, culture, romance, marriage, friendship and companionship, reconciliation, sensuality, our “emotional” libido and the emotional actions of sex. She shows where we find pleasure in life, what we find romantic, and our ability to express love. She can represent femininity, women or one’s feelings about women, benefits gained from reputable women, artists, those who work creatively, embroiderers, designers, singers, gardeners, jewelers, music, architects, diplomats. 

TAURUS ♉ – the feminine, nocturnal home of Venus

Did you have fun with that secret lover? The forecast is for that to continue. Relationships are really highlighted for you this month. You’ll have a conversation you didn’t expect, or hear from someone out of left field. Maybe something will finally come to fruition. You’re still seething with misunderstood and unseen anger, though, Taurus, so don’t let that cloud your judgement. I know you’re stubborn, but don’t be afraid to change yourself. Or who knows, maybe just have some wild sex.

LIBRA ♎ – the masculine, diurnal home of Venus

How’s your love life going? Has it survived so far? You’re probably feeling extremely frustrated about your partner right about now. Listen, now is not the time for dating, because it’s set out to lead to some sort of ruin for you. So, be prepared for that if you ignore my advice anyways. After the 13th of October, you can start to find more clarity about this. Unfortunately, you may also have to pay some unexpected expenses, or otherwise be worried about your money or livelihood.

The sun is the conscious ego and vision. Your sun placement reveals whether or not and in what style you are able to lead others. It also relates to your self confidence, whether or not you enjoy being in the spotlight. He can signify kings, royalty, leaders, fathers, dealings with gods, performances, being seen and honored publicly. 

LEO ♌ – the masculine, diurnal home of the Sun

Still figuring out your purpose in life? You know that person who gets a bit drunk and then goes outside to shake their fist at the sky and yell at god (or maybe at the RUG)? That’s you right now. Things are crazy, and in addition, your house is going to smell bad and your pipes might break or leak. On the bright side, you’ll find it a bit easier to make money this month, but it will involve taking on some more responsibility. 

Mars signifies violence, war, bloodshed, fire, injuries, anger, penetration, screaming, and the separation of people through conflict. He is also the libido and physical actions of sex. Mars shows our ability to get what we want- our drive, energy levels, motivation. He can represent masculinity, men or one’s feelings about men, surgeons, butchers, ironworkers, lawyers, athletes, sports and exercise, competition and contests, those who work with weapons, the police and military, and violent criminals. Mars enjoys unrestrained chaos, but without him, we also wouldn’t be able to get much done or stand up for ourselves. Still, better to stay on his good side. 

(He is retrograde right now and in a fight with Saturn, so all his problems are currently made very visible and explosive.)

ARIES ♈ – the masculine, diurnal home of Mars

Ouch, Aries, I can feel the heat radiating off you. You’re really stuck under your responsibilities, aren’t you? So much work to do. Life is hard, there’s not much relief right now. You’re being called to push onwards, but you want to slow down and rethink things. Be nice to your partner, especially if they suddenly decide to be extra generous towards you. Appreciate that, and don’t somehow turn it into a conflict. 

SCORPIO ♏ – the feminine, nocturnal home of Mars

Scorpio, I hope your health hasn’t been too damaged so far, and you haven’t been driving yourself too crazy with work or coworkers. Still, take it easy, because soon everything will be abruptly shaken up for you. You and Taurus share the brunt of this- sudden events in regards to relationships, and for you, also in regards to your identity and self image. Don’t say anything stupid while this is all going on, or it may be taken the wrong way. 

Jupiter is good luck and high fortune. He bestows all good things. Jupiter is wisdom based on overall comprehension and higher knowledge. He can signify priests, spiritual leaders, kings, temple workers, benefactors, philanthropists, fertility, gifts, inheritances, freedom, travel, merriment, wealth and general wisdom. His placement in a chart reveals information about how lucky one is, where that luck comes from, and one’s attitudes towards religion and spirituality. 

(One contributing reason as to why 2020 is so difficult is that Jupiter is in a very unfavorable position all year, and has not been able to help out in the way he usually does.)

SAGITTARIUS ♐ – the masculine, diurnal home of Jupiter

It is time to retreat, call off your forces. You’ll be forced to take some time alone for a while. Consciously or unconsciously, a lot of strange thoughts are swirling in your head. A sudden problem will present itself, and you’ll have to quickly figure out a solution. There’s no way to prepare, so don’t try. However, at least this month looks pretty pleasant for your career. You’re very exacting and careful about that, so use that tenacity to your advantage. 

PISCES ♓ – the feminine, nocturnal home of Jupiter 

Your partner will be confused by you. I imagine it to be dreamy and romantic, but no clarity is achieved. That will be around the 18th this month. Enjoy the beauty anyways, while you still can. Besides that, you’re still having serious money problems, and generally problems supporting yourself, and it probably still involves a conflict with your harsh friends. I hope that by the end of the month, you’ll find some revelation about your place in the world that will help you get out of your nebulous funk. 

Saturn is restriction and blockades. He signifies death, time, coldness, disease, ailments, isolation, childlessness, captivity, boundaries, wisdom that comes from having endured hardship. Saturn shows how we deal with responsibility, and whether or not we are patient. He can represent the elderly, the law, government officials, laborers, those put in charge of the affairs of other people, gravekeepers, the homeless and troubled, outcasts and exiles, hermits, or those who are on the edges of society. Though this all sounds negative, a happily placed Saturn diligently rewards hard work over time, and can eventually give riches and high positions of power.

CAPRICORN ♑ – the feminine, nocturnal home of Saturn

At this point, weight-bearing is second nature to you. You’re almost masochistically fond of it, it gives you some confirmation of yourself- yes, all this horror is mine to take on, watch me work through it with gritted teeth. Fine, whatever it takes for you to get through the day, Capricorn. Anyways, you can start moving forward now. Stop reflecting and brooding. You know what you need to do, so go do it. (I’m being mean to you again, aren’t I?) Also, maybe fix your stove or kitchen?

AQUARIUS ♒ – the masculine, diurnal home of Saturn

So, was it an accident in your neighborhood? Car or bike problems? Or just your frustration with rowdy housemates? That’s going to continue for a while, you’re not done with all that yet. I know it’s driving you a little insane. As you’re trying to step through the broken glass on the street, be careful about deciding how to handle it all. It’s clear you need to make a choice, but you’re not aware of all the details yet, so don’t be impulsive. You might cry in public.

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