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Studentenkrant’s November Horoscopes

Did you enjoy the shocks of October? My God, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Compared to the last two months, the general difficulty level of November is slightly lowered. However, the weather is still not friendly. Especially for the first few days of November, be patient. But conditions will slowly start to change, and there will be less stagnation. We can be more direct, less muddled. We are so close to moving into new circumstances. I can’t promise those circumstances will be objectively better, but at least they will be different.

Dates to watch this month, in both personal and public contexts: the weekend from November 13th-15th, especially as it relates to concluding events which started September 9th. Yeah, that weekend might be visible and loudly martial, more so than anything else this month. Secondly: November 3rd, especially as it relates to events which started October 13th/14th. Finally: there will be some weird drama around the 30th of November, that tangentially calls back to events around the 22nd of May this year. 

This month, I’m giving you astrology memes instead of illustrations. You’re welcome.

(made in July, still very relevant)

Note: These horoscopes are written specifically for your rising sign, also called the ascendant. However, you may still try reading your sun sign. (or, if you were born at night, better to try your moon sign.) See which is more accurate for you in the end. 

If you don’t know your rising sign, you can calculate it online. It depends on the time and location of your birth. Astro.com is one reliable website for this. You are looking for the sign of the “AS”/“Ascendant”, which is located in the left part of your chart. This point shows the part of the sky which was on the eastern horizon when you were born. It represents you, and is the starting point of the rest of your chart.

Aries ♈ 

You’ve been pressured and confused for months now, and frustrated by authority figures. All that pressure has caused you to rethink who you are. Normally, you love taking bold initiative, but that has been impossible the last couple months. Luckily, in November you will have a decisive moment of forward movement. Anticipate more stable energy levels after the middle of the month. One last thing, Aries- you’re going to have a showdown with your partner. Be careful, and find a balance between selfishness and total compromise. 

Taurus ♉ 

It’s a good month to study, sit alone with a book, and process all those sudden changes you just went through. As you’re walking down the street, blissfully running errands with your entourage of ghosts, consider that you don’t have to let the shadows of the past determine your future. Prune off at least some of the ghosts you’ve been dealing with since July. Look forward to finally finding some clarity about the unacknowledged ways you sabotage yourself and deal with anger. P.S. You’re going to have to end the affair. Or just start a new one, why not?

Gemini ♊ 

It’s time for you to focus on yourself. You will increasingly be less concerned with your relationships with other people- first, it will be an internal feeling, but then it will become very loud and need to be externalized by the end of the month. You matter, and you have big plans for yourself. Find pleasure in enacting those plans. Have some fun, play, and enjoy recreation for a while. Obligations and fear may get in the way, but the good news is that you will soon learn to throw that anxiety off of yourself.

Cancer ♋ 

You decide to go to Ikea, or maybe a vintage store. You want to make your home look prettier. But someone else- probably your partner- doesn’t like any of your ideas and shuts you down. Your partner is still setting strict limits for you, Cancer. You’ve put a lot of work and responsibility into your relationships for the past few years. At some point, though, you have to accept you’ve hit a brick wall. Blow off some steam while you think about it, and maybe reinvent your hobbies. Also, don’t get into any public controversies.

Leo ♌ 

What motivates you in life? What is your purpose, your passion? Why are you even here? You have an intense need to be independent about your beliefs, so watch out for that to be loud and intensified this month- especially as it involves your home and family. You will care less about physical pleasures, and more about social and spiritual ones. You’ll find a much higher drive to engage with your friends and be social, so be prepared for frantically fun conversations.

Virgo ♍ 

In the short term, your financial situation looks pretty sweet this month. Pleasure has been difficult and painful for you to find in the past, but now it’s moving forward and coming more easily to you. Still, you can’t have everything you want, so keep a little restraint. In other news: Very big changes are coming up in your professional life, Virgo, and in the way you show yourself to the world. It’s no time to be private, but to spend your energy on taking the actions you want in your career. 

Libra ♎ 

Libra, it’s getting pretty steamy, don’t you think? Yeah, you’re actually feeling pretty good, surprisingly. You’re looking very good this month, too. You are realising that you are the only one who can determine your self worth. You’ve been in question about your relationships for the past few months- you’ve been going back and forth about what’s best for you to do. This month, you’ll clearly make a decision and set the needed boundaries in those relationships. You always try to make everyone else happy, but you are the only person who can give yourself exactly what you need.

Scorpio ♏ 

As I’ve continually told you this season, you should still watch out for health problems and issues with your co-workers. Your unrelenting work routines are not good for your overall well-being, and have been causing physical issues. The 13th-15th this month will be especially relevant for you. This marks a turning point for yourself in resolving those problems. Figure out how to be more balanced with what life demands of you, without compromising yourself. You’ll be more expressive about yourself this month, and learn how to better communicate your needs. Lastly, you might lose some money, but your shared resources will grow.

Sagittarius ♐ 

Well, I guess it’s time to surrender to the void. You are drained, but at the same time have a deep craving for more connection in your life. Those feelings will grow, and you’ll be less concerned about yourself. You’ve been so carefully structured about your finances and what you hold as valuable, but you’ll lighten up about that this month. Finally, you’re about to know what direction to take in regards to hobbies and sex. Sometimes, it is good to be selfish. Under different conditions, I’d say you might fuck a stranger in a bathroom. While that’s not really possible right now, I’m sure you’ll figure out some alternative. 

Capricorn ♑ 

The conflict you’ve been having with your home or family will reach a high-pitched height. It’s been hard for you to take care of your needs while trying to deal with shaky foundations in your private life. You’ve been holding an unyielding stalemate, but you know something has to change in order to preserve your fair and pretty reputation. If you’re not going to have your family on your side, do make sure you resolve conflict with your friends, so not all sources of support are blocked. Do some scheming together with those friends, they like that.

Aquarius ♒ 

Do you actually care about your friendships? They’re fun, but you will find you want to be more independent and focus on your own happiness. That’s fine, but don’t be mean. You believe in justice and equality, and the thought of a better world gives you relief. But your subconscious sabotages that fantasy- isolating you and making you passive in the face of a harsh reality. If you like an idea for change, practice it in your own life in some way rather than only philosophizing about it. By the way, you can also finally fix your car or bike this month- but I’d still be very careful with it.

Pisces ♓ 

Are you willing to fight for your sense of self worth? Finally ready to be more independent with your income? It’s time to take more control in both those areas. If you are still in a financial argument with your friends, that can find a resolution now. After all that, you’re going to be very tired, and you’ll want to change direction to focus on your home and private life. Your career won’t be that important to you anymore, and you’ll have to let some goals go. Final note: Hey, you’re supposed to let the first tab kick in before you take a second one?!

Chai Skyler

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