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Studentenkrant’s December 2020 Horoscopes

We made it to December. Now we get the big finale. If all of 2020 has been us struggling up a very steep mountainside, then December is the moment when we reach the top and get a first peek at what lies beyond it. I’m expecting spontaneously drastic New Year’s resolutions. Everyone will be excited and convicted about new beginnings. That will be true much more than usual this holiday season. 

A very rare shift occurs on this winter solstice. That is the ingress and immediate conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius. A 200 year cycle ends, and a new one begins in earnest. Will everything be “better”? No, but everything will certainly be new. That also means there will be new opportunities. Find ways to use your changing environment to your advantage. I can’t predict if a specific event will happen on December 21st. All I can say with certainty is that the skies look extremely different, astrologically, after that date. The air itself holds a different flavor after that moment.

Twin Peaks is a reliable source of information and life advice.

You’ll be able to view the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction easily. Their last conjunction, in 2000, was not visible, due to occurring too close to the sun. It’s a rare event to see, so go outside and check this one out! Best done on a roof, as you need the horizon to be unobscured. The conjunction will be visible in the southwest immediately after sunset. 

Jupiter appears as a very bright white star. Saturn is duller and slightly dusty. On the 16th and 17th this month, the newly waxing moon will pass by them, after a total solar eclipse in Sagittarius. She will point them out, if you need some guidance on where to look. 

Note: These horoscopes are written specifically for your rising sign, also called the ascendant. However, you may still try reading your sun sign. (or, if you were born at night, better to try your moon sign.) See which is more accurate for you in the end. 

If you don’t know your rising sign, you can calculate it online. It depends on the time and location of your birth. Astro.com is one reliable website for this. You are looking for the sign of the “AS”/“Ascendant”, which is located in the left part of your chart. This point shows the part of the sky which was on the eastern horizon when you were born. It represents you, and is the starting point of the rest of your chart.

Aries ♈️

Finally, the pressure will lift off your back. You’ve gone through a very rough time since September. Though November brought some relief, now the last ends of that story can wrap up. Your career will bring less stress to you, and responsibilities will become easier to bear. Time to focus on lighter matters. You’ll develop more obligations with your friends, but creating that structure will also bring you more fun.

Taurus ♉️

You’ve been floating in a strange liminal space, but you’re about to land on more solid ground. You’ll stop caring so much about the trauma and hangups of other people. Letting go of that may be traumatic in itself, but it’s worth it. You’re feeling possessive (as usual), but you can’t move forward, materially or emotionally, until you get those stubborn problems out of the way. And you need to, because you’re going to have a very active 2021.

Gemini ♊️

You feel it, right? Since the end of last month, it must be clear now how much everything is changing for you. There’s a huge sigh of relief. You can move away from your fear and anxiety, onto reshaping your life’s philosophy. You’ll still be drawn to focus on yourself and let go of hangups in your relationships. You need to give up on certain desires.

Cancer ♋️

You can finally wrap up the relationship troubles you’ve had for the past several years. I really do not envy the awful year you’ve had. It’s almost over, so keep your chin up. Perhaps the final push will involve finally releasing some secret or old grudge. The ill intent of others may be revealed. While that’s happening, let go of some of your daily responsibilities. You don’t have to accomplish every task set on your plate.

Leo ♌️

Whereas Cancer gets to move on from the lessons they have learned from relationships, you’re now set up to start learning yours. What was last April like for your relationships? You had a preview of circumstances which will return in full force now. Luckily it will be easier this time. You will either learn to be more emotionally responsible, or you’ll suffer the consequences of not doing that. If you want something serious with someone, now is the time to think about properly tying it down. 

Virgo ♍️

In trade for some inconvenient issues with your house, you will find new options opening up in your career. This is in continuation from last month. There are new paths for you to take, and you’ll be hungry to take them. Last month, I told you to keep some restraint in regards to finding pleasure- this month, please throw that constraint off completely. It’s very exciting that you may be able to find real enjoyment again. 

Libra ♎️

Your home and family will feel lighter, brighter, and happier. You’ll be less concerned with problems there, and able to delve instead into figuring out your desires regarding romance and creativity. You treat these topics maturely and practically, and you’re always sure you know what’s best. Well, time to bring that to the forefront of your life and act on your certainty. 

Scorpio ♏️

You’ll want to do a deep clean of your possessions, and throw some things away. You’ll be more focused on the resources of other people than your own, and may find yourself spending on them. Everything may feel a little scary and dire, but you should be able to cruise through that by opening up more communicatively and expressing your needs. Lastly, from this month onwards, you’ll focus more on stabilizing your family or  living situation. Accepting obligations may be necessary for growth in that area.

Sagittarius ♐️

Enjoy every fleeting pleasure. Big events may happen for you in relationships, continuing on from the end of November. You’ll adopt a new perspective about yourself. This change may be triggered by your partner. It’s easier to know who you are when you have another person to compare and contrast yourself with. As you’re going through this transitional phase in your life, at least you don’t have to be so concerned or pressured about problems of money or self esteem anymore. 

Capricorn ♑️

Barriers will begin to lift, and you’ll become less stubborn and melancholic. Everything has felt so drastically serious to you for the past several years. You’ll be able to drop that now, and start a new phase in your life. This year has been a marathon of endurance for you, and now you’ve finally reached the finish line. Was it all worth it? Doesn’t matter anymore. Relax and enjoy the embrace of a comforting relationship on New Year’s Eve.

Aquarius ♒️

You’re in the spotlight now, Aquarius. This is your time. With great power comes great responsibility. Make some big plans for your future, and they will hold stable for you. You’ve had a feeling that you needed to change major parts of your life. Now, it’s time to actually follow through on making those changes. Spend the holidays in total celebration. Letting go of old friendships or social circles has given you more capability to focus on enjoying yourself.

Pisces  ♓️

Pisces, you’re about to enter a phase of hermit-like existence. You’re going to dip out of public sight for a while, or at least drastically change your public image. You’re going to be dealing with a lot of things alone from now on, but it won’t be so difficult. It might make you stronger. Get comfortable with that, because you’ll be dealing with it for quite a while. On New Year’s Eve, you’ll probably have some nice, emotionally affirming sex.

Chai Skyler

Ik ben student aan Academie Minerva, waar ik me focus op schilderen. Ik vind het al sinds ik een kind was leuk om te schrijven. In mijn vrije tijd ben ik meestal aan het lezen, schetsen of ben ik met vrienden. Ik heb een fascinatie voor astrologie. Mijn favoriete dier is de krokodil.