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Board Picture Awards 2020

It’s been a dreary year, so apparently board photos in apocalyptic scenes were appropriate to send in. Despite us all being locked in our rooms, we still received 82 board pictures. Some worked perfectly this year, and some are showing up in our nightmares. You know what makes a good one, right? Show your faces, your personalities, and what you do. And try to make it bearable for us to look at without falling asleep! 

Listen, we’re about to roast you, but we promise it’s all in good fun. We now proudly present you the Studentenkrant Board Picture Awards 2020!

82. SOG

Photographer: Christopher de Bruijn

Why are you standing on a rainy roof? We feel like we’re being given condolences at a funeral. You should either decide to keep distance or decide not to, but this is halfway in between. What are you doing?

Grade: 2.0

81. EBF

Photographer: Elsbeth Hoekstra

You look like an army of robot accountants that are about to attack us. Unnatural and uncomfortable to look at, to say the least. Your distance keeps you anonymous.

Grade: 2.2

80. ASCI

Photographer: Merjan Merjan

Despite the center guy’s attempt at a power stance, we’re very bored.

Grade: 2.3

79. ZaZa

Photographer: Arjan Kuipers

Pretty lackluster. Also, your center board member seems to have a burst pipe, maybe you should call someone to fix that?

Grade: 2.5

78. Esperia

Photographer: Annemarie Herbschleb

Esperia -> fotograaf Annemarie Herbschleb

Nice Windows screen saver, but otherwise, the only word that comes to mind is boring

Grade: 2.6

77. Martinistam

Photographer: Yke Wijnker

You stand in a triangle formation in a park. That also becomes a theme this year. In every other picture, boring

Grade: 2.7

76. Frederik van der Marck

Photographer: Kim Ruiters

We can see little effort has been put into this picture, but at least this time, it’s a triangle on a bench. 

Grade: 2.9

 75. Professor Francken

Photographer: Emiel de Wit

Professor Francken -> fotograaf Emiel de Wit

Cringe. Horrible, but funny. We feel confused. We also think that smart girls can be sexy, but it’s not working this time. Still, we appreciate your spontaneous spirit. Though we definitely don’t appreciate your awful ties. 

Grade: 3.0

74. Scopus

Photographer: Anouk van Diepen

While your location does make sense, it doesn’t make for a good photo. And horrible composition and colors to boot.

Grade: 3.2

73. Rode Kruis

Photographer: Lisanne Moraal

This looks more like a group of girlfriends who took a quick picture in the park, and again the triangle. The styling does not do anyone justice and it looks like someone got cold feet or did not have heels.

Grade: 3.3 

72. Aegee

Photographer: Marcello de Vos

You had no idea what to do for your board picture, so you put some leaves in front of the camera to make it interesting? Or are we supposed to be stalking you from the bushes?

Grade: 3.4

71. SIFM

Photographer: Daphne Caprin

Why are these hotel employees standing in the Forum? 

Grade: 3.5

70. Gerhardus Diephuis

Photographer: Iris Verhoeven

Are the women cosplaying the green M&M? Better luck next time.

Grade: 3.6

69. Veracket

Photographer: Willem Slagter

We are very glad you took a picture in the nice weather, so you get extra points for that. Sadly we don’t have any other positive comments to make.

Grade: 3.7

68. Tw!st

Photographer: Annemarie Herbschleb

Get your bag and table out of the frame. We also really dislike the position of the Martini Tower in the picture, which makes for a bad composition. The grey clouds make us sigh.

Grade: 3.8

67. Marug

Photographer: Barry Flenter

The shoes are great, but everyone is standing too far away. Quite a terrible marketing strategy. 

Grade: 4.0

66. Drs. Vijfje

Photographer: Pascal Swier

Horrible pink and blue houses. We get what you were trying to do, but no goal scored this time, sadly.

Grade: 4.1

65. S.V. Homerus

Photographer: Kirsten Huetink

While we find this picture a bit dull, we do like the warm color and the decent composition. The background is somewhat original.

Grade: 4.2

64. Linkit

Photographer: Sander Huizinga

On first glance, it looks like you’ve photoshopped yourselves into a bar. Do you miss the nightlife that much? Perhaps that is why it looks like you guys were drinking beforehand. 

Grade: 4.2

63. NGIZ Noord

Photographer: Bibi Koekkoek

The chairs are ruining this picture, as are the awkward poses. Why did you crop out your foot? None of you really look like students either, are these imposters? 

Grade: 4.2

62. Veracles

Photographer: Paarkiekjes (Marlies van der Weide)

Where is the volleyball? Are you hiding it behind your back? Are you going to mug us? Are you flying south for the winter?

Grade: 4.3

61. Fiscagio

Photographer: Diewertje Funk

Are we being welcomed aboard your plane? Also, we can barely see the member in the back, and your nice red suits are blending into the bricks. 

Grade: 4.35

60.  Simon van der Aa

Photographer: Marten Duit

It’s nice that you managed to position yourselves in front of the windows so neatly. Otherwise, we would not have had anything to comment on here.

Grade: 4.4

59. Vevonos

Photographer: Nora Bouzoraa

A drug deal has never looked so classy. Sadly, the picture is not centred properly, and even in such a shady place, the apocalyptic triangle makes us snore.

Grade: 4.5

58. T.M.F.V. Archigenes

Photographer: Lotte Lawant

Do dentists work in planes now? Or is this a commercial for Colgate… If it were, it would have been nice to actually see your faces.

Grade: 4.55

57. SV Commotie

Photographer: Esmee Stofbergen

We like the lines of the background more than the people in the photo. A board picture isn’t supposed to look like a licensable stock photo.

Grade: 4.6

56. Knickerbockers

Photographer: Lisanne Venema

Why are you all sitting, have you been benched? Simply having a couch outside doesn’t make you interesting, but we are laughing at the thought of you dragging this abused piece of furniture onto the field. Should have all worn the same colour of jeans. 

Grade: 4.7

55. G.T.D. Bernoulli

Photographer: Saskia de Wijk

We’re hoping the background fits with your study, otherwise it’s just confusing. We like your ties, but that’s about it. 

Grade: 4.8

54. Multi

Photographer: Jeanine Timmerman

We like your outfits for being more original than some others, but the graffiti is still more interesting than you. How kind of you to include your bodyguard in the picture though!

Grade: 4.9

53. Real Estate Club

Photographer: Marten Duit

You look so happy, we’d definitely buy a house from you. Your reflections are nice but distracting. Should have done something with them. Tried to sell them a house, maybe?

Grade: 5.0

52.  Squadraat

Photographer: Jacco Richter

Wow, what an original location. No one else has used it. It’s very strange that your rackets are laying on the ground, is this a surrender?

Grade: 5.1

51.  E Pluribus Unum

Photographer: Laura Rekić

So you were all drinking in a bar together, then you decided to congregate outside to take a family photo? We at least like that your poses aren’t too lifeless.

Grade: 5.2

50. Pharmaciae Sacrum

Photographer: Jet Neervoor

We see what you’re trying to do, but this prescription brought negative side effects with it. And did you take this photo with your phone?

Grade: 5.3

49. S.V. Versorium

Photographer: Myrthe Tamara Hoekstra

Very confident for a photo with nothing to be confident about. Unless you’re confident about whatever blueprint you have for the construction site you’re standing in.

Grade: 5.4

48. Dizkartes

Photographer: Myrthe Hoekstra

Did we crash your boring house party? You all look like we’ve just offended you. The guy on the chair is a stand-up comedian about to deliver a mediocre set. 

Grade: 5.5

47. VIP

Photographer: Alexandra Rietveld

You tried thinking outside the box. Hey, girl in the center left, you should have turned off your phone.

Grade: 5.5

46. Unicef

Photographer: Nick Schubert

We haven’t seen many dresses yet, so points for originality! A nice gala photo, or a shot of some excited bridesmaids. Unfortunately, the best men are a bit too far away for our liking. 

Grade: 5.5

45. Clio

Photographer: Janna Beijer

We’re happy that you played with heights in your composition. Even though this theme has unfortunately popped up often, we prefer this to the other Forum pictures. Nice colors, relaxed eyes. 

Grade: 5.5

44. Sociëtas

Photographer: Anouk Reitsma

We love the house, but why is it there? Also, were you scared to send us the more cuddly version of your board photo? Cute, but spineless. We know your secrets… 

Grade: 5.5

43. Studiosi Mobilae

Photographer: Daniel van Triet

Another triangle, we just can’t seem to escape it. You guys also don’t look very ‘mobile’, but at least the cool shoes got you some extra points. 

Grade: 5.6

42. Panacea

Photographer: Evie Lodder

Nice matching red masks to stay safe, but we would have liked to see your faces. You look dull, despite your bear and beer. Why didn’t you take the picture inside the hospital, or in front of it? 

Grade: 5.6

41. Estrellas

Photographer: Chiel van Maanen

We like the demonstration of personality. But this is also a photo you find on someone’s facebook timeline.

Grade: 5.7

40. Lijst Sterk

Photographer: Sjoerd Mulder

The men do a power pose, while the women put their hands in their pockets? We like the cannons, but we don’t understand the location or who you are bombing. 

Grade: 5.8

39. Mayday

Photographer: Anneloes van Noord

Mayday, Mayday, we’re stranded! The location fits your study, but we’re not exactly blown away by your composition. 

Grade: 5.8

38. MESA

Photographer: Maurice Schaack

Two buttons closed, shame on you! Reasonable photo, interesting location, but that’s it.

Grade: 5.9

37. Ubbo Emmius

Photographer: Johan Eshuis

You manage to look cramped together despite having plenty of space. We like the historical reference, but Marc didn’t get the memo about what expression to make.

Grade: 6.0

36. Villa ’96

Photographer: Jorrit Ludolphy

Can we have some champagne too? You must enjoy using this opportunity to show off your car, because we can’t think of another reason to present it in your board picture. 

Grade: 6.0

35. SKLO

Photographer: Sieka Berghout

Are you looking at us so seriously because you’re finally sitting us down for an intervention? It was about time anyway… You seem to be ready to confront us with some deep questions. Nice colors, “meh” composition. +.1 for the egg socks!

Grade: 6.1

34. Cleopatra

Photographer: Tom van der Kloet

What an original picture capturing the Dutch weather – which blues album is this? Sadly, we cannot see your faces. If you really wanted to go for anonymity, you should have worn Guy Fawkes masks. 

Grade: 6.1

33. SSA

Photographer: Sido Wetting

The guy in the photo seems to be scared of his fellow board members. We would be too if we were surrounded by DUO employees.

Grade: 6.2


Photographer: Andrea Snippe

We can see this is supposed to represent a classroom, but a couple of chairs would have made it more comfortable. And what happened to the poor lady on the left offside? Sent to the corner of shame?

Grade: 6.2

31. Tjas

Photographer: Jan Gerben Strikwerda

Nice matching suits and popping tie! But that’s it.

Grade: 6.3

30. Sirius A

Photographer: Natacha Barrow

We are conflicted. We love your location, and we’re excited about astronomy! But there’s nothing else going on for this photo.

Grade: 6.3

29. Unipartners

Photographer: Rianne van Wieren

Another photographer hiding in the bushes. Are we spying on an illegal gathering? Good colors and composition, but a little crowded.

Grade: 6.3

28. Ibn Battuta

Photographer: Celine Staal

Knock off version of another picture taken here, but with less thrilling colors. The smiles at least brighten up the dim room.

Grade: 6.3

27. Vitalis

Photographer: Josephine Anderson

Hey, you took last year’s advice about running in heels! Great job, we are amused. A+ for effort. Maybe everyone should have had their eyes open, though. Stay in your own lane.

Grade: 6.5

26. Gyas

Photographer: Babette ter Horst

The exclusive ‘Rowing at Downton Abbey’ season is finally out! What’s up with the Dutch angle, though? Straighten the horizon, and bring your boats for the pond behind you next time.

Grade: 6.5

25. G.S.Z.V. De Golfbreker

Photographer: Gauke Eilander

This looks artificial, and we’re not sure about your white shoes. It’s always awkward when you run across an impromptu a capella group. 

Grade: 6.5

24. Lacrosse Groningen Gladiators

Photographer: Greta Grossek

What is the point you are trying to get (la)cross? Do you usually play your sport at the circus?

Grade: 6.6

23. Chemische Binding

Photographer: Gerhard Taatgen

Even though we see you have some chemistry together, we have no idea how the car relates to your association. Is there a lab kit in the trunk?

Grade: 6.6

22. Vesting

Photographer: Tim van der Kuip

If this was an ad for Suits, we’d check it out. Original perspective, though we do feel like we’re disembarking from our private helicopter.

Grade: 6.6

21. Lisa

Photographer: Frederique Smit

Despite the overexposure, we’re generally happy with this. We had some phallic associations with the building, but maybe that’s just us. 

Grade: 6.7

20. Parafrid

Photographer: Anice Hut

Amazing and bad. All our attention is on the horse, and on the girl who looks very miserable to have been chosen to ride it. We hope she managed to get off of it again.

Grade: 6.75 (just for the horse.)

19. Hanze Honours Society

Photographer: Myrthe Hoekstra

Looks like the gang from West Side Story. We’re a fan of the Martini Tower in the background, better than seeing it again from the Forum. 

Grade: 6.8

18. Tweeslag

Photographer: Christiaan van der Gang

Hotboxing doesn’t work when you’re outside, guys, or is that smoke coming from somewhere else? At least we can identify your sport. Yes, we understand that volleyball is a very serious matter.

Grade: 6.8

17. USVA

Photographer: Hesterliena Wolthuis

Though this reminds us of last year’s winning picture, it gave us a positive first impression. Good composition and a well-targeted vanishing point. We don’t understand the use of random furniture, however. 

Grade: 6.8

16. SIB

Photographer: Emiel de Wit

You’re definitely doing… something, but we can’t tell what it is. Why are you holding sentimental items from your childhood?

Grade: 6.8

15. Actis

Photographer: Yvannildo Strijdhaftig

These are your board pictures, not The Day After Tomorrow. Someone took one photography course and put every trick they learned into this picture. That doesn’t work. 

Grade: 6.8

14. Pro Geo

Photographer: Edward Rocca

Guys, it’s not possible to catch corona from looking at a picture, so why are you all standing so far away from the camera?

Grade: 6.9

13.  C.S.F.R. Groningen

Photographer: Marinda Pierik

Either you all should be manspreading, or none of you should. Also, too far away, and a bad composition. Extra points for making the forum sexy, though. A couple of us were seduced. 


12.  G.S.V.V. Donitas

Photographer: Anouk Brekhof

We find this completely bizarre. Who plays volleyball in the woods? Why the bike and bottle of luft?! At least you’ve caught our interest.

Grade: 7.1

11. Unitas S.G.

Photographer: David Jan Meijer

An apocalyptic scene with smoke. What have you conquered, holding your flag so proudly? 

Grade: 7.3

10.  SGOR

Photographer: Celine Staal

Are we being welcomed into the reigning cult of a country club? We’re sort of into it, honestly. Nice vibe.

Grade: 7.4

9.  Stukafest

Photographer: Sjoerd Knol

Clever, funny, vibrant… but you’re not winning this year. Clean your lens.

Grade: 7.5

8. ESN

Photographer: Marten Duit

We love the location, though we don’t know why you think you’re holy. Are you going to sing hymns to us? 

Grade: 7.6

7.  JFV

Photographer: Kevin Simmons

We’re impressed! Extremely professional. Please help us with our case. 

Grade: 7.8

6. Equilibrium

Photographer: Niels Jansen

A lighthearted, fun photo. Why did you have to hide away your experimenting in an abandoned warehouse this year? There must be some mad science behind those cheerful faces.

Grade: 7.9

5.  Hanze Studentenbelangen

Photographer: Richard Broekhuizen

An advertisement for the game Clue? Who’s the murderer? Some of us really like your location, to the point that we’re trying to figure if we’re allowed to go chill there with a tumbler of whiskey. You get a high grade for your amber aesthetics.

Grade: 8.3

4.  G.S.M.G. Bragi

Photographer: Arjen de Boer

There’s so much happening here. Definitely entertaining, but just like 2020, it’s a little too chaotic for us. It’s also hard to follow your story when you’re standing so far away.

Grade: 8.4

3. Studenten Toneel

Photographer: Jonna Bo Lammers & Michiel van Eerden

Looks like the theatre kids won the apocalypse! We surrender to our new blue overlords. Drama students clearly know how to pose.

Grade: 8.6

2.  ACLO

James Nyirenda

Obviously a thought-through, orderly, and beautiful photo. The cows bump you up to 2nd place. 

Grade: 9.2

1. Ilythia

Photographer: Max Reijnen

And the winner is… a boy!!! We love everything about this! Fun, with good color, good composition, and a thoughtful portrayal of your association. Matching tiger heels were also an amazing choice.

Grade: 9.6