Studentenkrant’s May Horoscopes

May is about frantic social drama. In some ways, it’s going to be kind of fun. In other ways, it’s going to be disturbed by a fluctuating, searing inflammation. Our desires are confused, and our moods may threaten to tip into a mercurial mania. At least it will be interesting. Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces will be most acutely aware of this, but it will be a noticeable backdrop for everyone. Specifically, pay attention to events after May 13th. 

Drama aside, in the second half of May we finally reach a lull in the high generalized anxiety and frustration that started around the 16th of February. Enjoy it, because I’m sorry to say, we’re going to have to deal with that again in the second half of the year. Prioritize finding your bearings now, wherever you can, and hold onto them.

The first part of these predictions is partially based on the start of a Venus retrograde in Gemini. Venus retrogrades happen every 1.5 years- the last one happened in Scorpio in October and November of 2018. However, they reoccur in a near-identical part of the sky every 8 years. So, look to events in your life during May and June of 2012, when the last Venus retrograde occured in Gemini, to get an idea of what themes you might again encounter with this one. Predictions for the future are best sharpened through a close observation of the past. I mention these dates because you know your own past better than I do.

Note: These horoscopes are written for your rising sign/ascendant sign. However, you may still try reading your sun sign. See which is more accurate for you in the end. 

If you don’t know your rising sign, you can calculate it online. It depends on the time and location of your birth. is one reliable website for this. You are looking for the sign of the “AC”/“Ascendant”, which is located in the left part of your chart.

This month, illustrations come from Guido Bonatti’s Liber Astronomiae, from the 13th century. 

Aries ♈

Did you start that affair with your neighbor yet? You’re usually so easily confident, you should really go for it. Either way, this month you’ll start to reassess the way you express yourself. You usually don’t like being in your mind too much. However, if you don’t balance things there, unaddressed mental habits can prevent you from being understood by others. If you’re unsure how to do this, ask a sibling or cousin to help you. 

Taurus ♉

Your possessions normally bring you comfort, but you will find yourself pondering over them this month. This could mean revising your monthly budget, or finally going through that box of miscellaneous items from your childhood. Your friends will not be helpful in this process, so don’t involve them. In fact, watch out for some heat coming your way from them, or from a partner.

Gemini ♊

What people expect of you may be unclear and harsh, and it will interfere with what you truly want. Despite this, there will be a mood that prompts you to play. Focus on self-exploration. You’ll quickly figure out the steps to this inner dance while dodging your dissenters and worries. You may also find yourself starting a new relationship, or re-defining a current one. 

Cancer ♋

This month sees you exploring your shadows. Be careful about self-sabotage within your relationships. Is there some secret from the past that interferes with your actions now? Talk about it clearly with those who are most affected by you rather than letting it simmer over and scald everyone. They’ll be understanding, and your friendships and relationships can deepen because of it.

(Also, I know you are a crab and not a lobster as Bonatti seems to think, so please don’t be too upset at this blatant disrespect and humiliation. 🙂)

Leo ♌

Psychological problems will get in the way of your friendships, and cause significant changes in them. In addition, the resources you share with your partner, both emotional and material, will become hard to define. Within both these life topics, of friends and of shared resources, you will have to build new structures that best help you to find balance. 

Virgo ♍

You will be craving a fresh sense of direction and purpose. You will want to update your image, and change the way that people see you. However, there may be some perplexing conflict in your love life which distracts you from these goals. Sometimes, people closest to us simply have paths that don’t match our own. It’s a hard truth. You will have to confront that, and either align your disparate aims, or agree to stay out of each other’s business.

Libra  ♎

Maybe you’re the one traveling the most interesting territory here. Your beliefs about the world will turn over on themselves, but with the goal to party the days away. You’ll rethink who you are. Maybe this will involve a spiritually inclined lover. However, an unfortunate injury or illness will disturb your high spirits before it’s all done.

Scorpio  ♏

Your partner will be wrapped up in their own issues for a while. There may be some financial event between the two of you. Possibly, a small inheritance you weren’t aware of will be brought to light. Or maybe someone close to you will morbidly but practically decide to draft up their will. However that goes, make sure you’re not becoming unhealthily co-dependent on someone else. 

Sagittarius ♐

What do you want from other people in your life? Are your expectations in your relationships being met? You may experience a value-shift in this regard. This would be a classically suited time for an ex to re-appear. Whatever happens, it will take a slow and circumambulating path. Events will not directly make sense. Nothing is for certain, but sometimes that’s okay. Take the moment for what it is.

Capricorn  ♑

If you don’t clean up your immediate environment soon, you’re going to have to deal with way too much dust and grime when you finally do- metaphorical and literal. Your health will be better if you maintain routines for yourself. This isn’t about productivity, that doesn’t matter for now. It’s about your own thriving and well-being. If you have an accident now, use it as a learning opportunity.

Aquarius ♒

You’ll be more excited than frustrated. Have you been having all the fun you deserve, despite the lockdown? If not, then get on it. You’ve been through a lot, so now you should focus on all the goodness that is available to you- even if it takes a little money. What do you truly enjoy? Maybe you’ll pick up an old creative project, or have some easy romance. I wouldn’t be surprised if this month brought you a pregnancy scare. 

Pisces ♓

How stable do your feet feel on the ground underneath you? You’re going to get angry and emotional. Hold yourself back from attacking your support structure or your family. It would help you to take up some physical exercise, if you don’t already. Try to get in tune with your body if this month brings you frustration. You can also channel yourself into rethinking your living space, to make it more welcoming to your sensibilities.

Chai Skyler

Ik ben student aan Academie Minerva, waar ik me focus op schilderen. Ik vind het al sinds ik een kind was leuk om te schrijven. In mijn vrije tijd ben ik meestal aan het lezen, schetsen of ben ik met vrienden. Ik heb een fascinatie voor astrologie. Mijn favoriete dier is de krokodil.