Beer crate meal: a delicious dish for the broke student

Every student has been there: at the end of the month with the DUO-contributions within reach but an almost empty wallet. Therefore, we introduce to you, the beer crate meal. A recipe that you can buy (almost) fully with the deposit you get when you hand in your beer crate.

This week: A Mexican bowl


·      Rice                                                                          (400gr white rice €0,69*)

·      Pre-cut Mexican veggies                                                                    (400gr €2,49*)

·      Salsa sauce                                                                                        (230gr €0,98*)

·      Minced meat*                                                                                 (300gr €1,79*)

*Replace the meat when you are vegetarian or vegan with a vegetarian option or with kidney beans.

Total costs for one person: 

100 gr white rice €0,18 + 250 gr vegetables €1,56 + 115 gr salsa sauce €0,49 + 150 gr minced meat €0,90 = €3,13.


·      Cook 100gr rice as is indicated on the packaging.

·      Fry the minced meat in a pan with some olive oil. You can add herbs you like to make it even tastier.

·      Add the Mexican veggies.

·      Stir-fry until the veggies are cooked.

·      Add the salsa and mix it with the minced meat and vegetables.

·      Let it stand for a while till it simmers.

·      Put the rice on a plate and add the vegetable mix.

Bon appétit!

*prices are based on Jumbo. You can always look for cheaper alternatives at Lidl, Aldi or the market. 

Eva Maring

Ik heb een grote passie voor sport en sta elke week op de tennisbaan om mijn studiestress eruit te slaan. Als het kouder wordt sta ik te trappelen omdat het schaatsseizoen weer begint. Daarnaast moet ik elke hond en kat die ik tegenkom aaien en heb ik een redelijke Instagram verslaving. Over al deze dingen schrijf ik graag stukjes voor de SK.