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Board Picture Awards 2019

We got a lot of amazing and monsters of pictures this year. The theme seemed to be ‘awkward stewardesses’, and other boards loved their ‘black suit with brown shoes’-outfits. We’re just going to say it once: that does not match and no, you’re not a trend setter. Let’s lay down the rules: what makes a good board picture? You show what you do, who you are (that means a visible face!) and what makes you different. Without further ado, we are proud to present to you the winners and failures of this year’s BOARD PICTURE AWARDS! Enjoy.

93. Multi

Photographer: Fardau Visser

Multiple identity disorder? You do have nice smiles, Powerpuff girls! 

Grade: 1.3

92. G.T.D. Bernoulli

CSI spinoff Groningen. Liever een foto van een Bernoulliborg. Did you even try?

Grade: 2

91. G.S.P.V. Parafrid – bestuur Zenith

“When you’re 14 and take a picture at the playground.”

2 points for the nostalgia. Sheer joy. We love the dynamic, but a lot of anonymity is going on here. 

Lekker met de meiden draaimolen.

Grade: 2.3

90. S.V. Maslow

Photographer: Hilde Karsten

More stewardesses. Wrong color of green for Transavia tho. It’s a pyramid scheme, that’s nice.

Grade: 2.35

89. Frederik van der Marck

Photographer: Ör Goldenberg

You all look so pale. The lighting is bad and the colors don’t match. 

Grade: 2.6

88. G.F.S.V. Pharmaciae Sacrum

This place is great, the photo could’ve been so much better… Next time, cut off a bit of the left and show some more floor. The flag on the right shines more than you guys do.

Grade: 2.8

87. Meander

Photographer: Saïd Henstra

Choose between smiling, looking bored, or grimacing like the girl in the front. Look up Moaning Myrtle, you’ll laugh.

Grade: 2.9

86. GHD Ubbo Emmius

Bas T. loves this picture, but to the rest of us it looks like it was taken with an old video camera.

Grade: 3

85. Commotie

Photographer: Nicklas Hansen

Did the girl left from the middle choose the background for this picture? She has way too hoog water. 

Grade: 3

84. Letteren Vooruit

Everything went wrong here. You look like a confused Kermit the frog. We would vote for the guy on the left, though! 

Deze verschillende kleuren groen vloeken. Is het zo lastig om matchende outfits te vinden? 

Grade: 3

83. IK

Photographer: Emily Wagner

This isn’t Hollands Next Topmodel. If you’re going on a rooftop, make it an interesting one. This is the most generic rooftop. How do you not pull of a turtleneck?

Grade: 3.1

82. Versorium

When you see them when you step onto your airplane you know you’re gonna crash. And what is Hermione doing there?

Grade: PI

81. Vedi

Photographer: Sarena de Waard

Dieticians in front of a wine cellar? Your background looks too interesting and makes us thirsty. We barely see the people in front of it.

PS 1 point extra for the polka dot socks.

Grade: 3.2 

80. G.S.S.V Squadraat

Photographer: Geert Verhoeven

This is just boring. The lighting is bad. Composition is bad. The choice for the different sport shoes is bad. We are only satisfied with the color transitioning of your pants. 

Grade: 3.2

79. SSA

Photographer: Sido Wetting

This amount of light hurts our eyes. Did it also hurt when you fell from heaven? 

Grade: 3.4

78. ASCI

Afbeelding met persoon, boom, buiten, poseren

Automatisch gegenereerde beschrijving

Photographer: Stijn Eikelboom

You took this picture in between lectures? Next time we want to see some legs. We support the hands in the pants! 

Grade: 3.5

77. SV Cover

Photographers: Martijn Luinstra en Anco Gietema

Why is the picture vertical? This is the worst furniture we’ve ever seen. At least all of you are smiling. 

Grade: 3.7 

76. T.M.F.V. Archigenes

Afbeelding met gras, buiten, boom, persoon

Automatisch gegenereerde beschrijving

Photographer: C.D.P. Dekker

The firetruck is your praeses, right? Otherwise this picture makes no sense. Too bad you’re not so lit.

Grade: 3.9

75. ZaZa Instituutsvereniging Nederlands

Photographer: Eline van der Louw

These people don’t even like each other, why else would you keep so much distance? Are they scared someone is going to kick a soccer ball at their crotch? 

Grade: 3.9

74. Rode Kruis Studentendesk

Red stairs are popular this year! It seems that you were all planning to adopt the same pose, but that was not entirely successful It is striking that not all of you wear the same suits. 

PS Couldn’t you have just thrown the cigarette away for the photo?

Grade: 4

+1 for centering the stairs more!

73. Clio

Afbeelding met persoon, gebouw, poseren, staand

Automatisch gegenereerde beschrijving

Ever heard of personal space? This is what ‘in your face’ looks like.

Grade: 4

72. Arteva

Afbeelding met persoon, poseren, binnen, gordijn

Automatisch gegenereerde beschrijving

The years before this one you sent in great pictures, but there seems to be no more creativity left in this one. This is also weirdly cropped. Leuke pakkies!

Grade: 4

71. Simon van der Aa

Photographer: Frerik Rorink

It looks like you’re about to eat lobster. Wearing a medal doesn’t make you a winner. We should leave you out this year too (oops). 

Grade: 4

70. Scopus

Photographer: Gert Jan de Graaf

Now we know who opened the door during the farmers protest. We smell sour milk just like you guys. 

Grade: 4.2

69. SV Fiscagio.

Photographer: Reeven Hesselink

SV Fiasco. Pasta pesto among board pictures. Even the statues behind you know how to pose. 

Grade: 4.3

68. Le Baso

Photographer: Sido Wetting

Flight attendants are everywhere this year. Thank you for flying Le Baso air. You took a very interesting background and made it boring.

Omg, brown shoes…. You know what went wrong here.

Grade: 4.5

67. SV Check

Afbeelding met persoon, buiten, lucht, boom

Automatisch gegenereerde beschrijving

Photographer: Sjoerd Knol

You all look a bit flustered. We feel bad for the girl who had to be cold for this picture.

Grade: 4.5

+1 for the way the photographer edited this picture.

66. Marug

Matug. You look like what soy milk tastes like. Clever way of fixing your height differences! 

Grade: 4.55

65. VIP

We love that you’re all the same height, but is this a face of joy to you? 

Grade: 4.6

64. Societas

Photographer: Margriet de Haan

NEVER put your logo in the picture. And definitely not if it looks like KRO kindertijd, because this makes you look like a board of an elementary school. Satisfying that you all walk in a straight line, but put your best foot forward next time. 

Grade: 4.7

63. S.V. Homerus

Photographer: Ivo Visser

And again: a group of flight attendants.. We love the lace, but not the scarfs. Combined it’s a freakshow.

PS We want to see some legs. 

Grade: 4.8

62. Esperia

Photographer: Saar Speijers

You all look too happy for standing on grass in heels.

Grade: 4.8

61. Zoem

Sending two board pictures and making us choose the better one: smart. Too bad they both weren’t too exciting. Learn to center and wear the same shoes next time.

Grade: 4.9

60. Calimero

Afbeelding met persoon, gebouw, staand, man

Automatisch gegenereerde beschrijving

We first thought you sent in a black-and-white picture. At least the guy on the left seems to be happy with the location. 

Grade: 4.9

+0.2 points for the high heels!


Photographer: Hanna Klapwijk

Great shoes, great place and nice ties! But super boring. You all look like kind babysitters tho. 

Grade: 5

58. Bernlef

Afbeelding met gras, buiten, lucht, persoon

Automatisch gegenereerde beschrijving

Photographer: Koen Hendriks

Powerful picture, but very dull colors. We call that flets, just like your grade.

Grade: 5.1

57. G.B.D. Calimara

Some people clearly didn’t want to be recognizable in this picture. Too bad, because you look like a fun board! Nevertheless, the fish is the star in the picture. Blub blub.

Grade: 5.2

56. LISA

Photographer: Isabelle Klein Velderman

This is a very original place, maybe too original. We get Air Crash Investigations vibes from this. But then you would’ve known what to do with your hands.

Grade: 5.3

55. G.S.F.V. Drs. Vijfje

Photographer: Anne Ruth Alberts

If this isn’t the fishing association, this is absurdism. The fishing rods look like you’re compensating for something. They can’t reel us in. 

Grade: 5.3

54. De Chemische Binding

Photographer: Simon Cremer

Why do we need to look at so much nasty water? Are you guys scared of the camera?

Grade: 5.4

We would have given you a 5.5 if we could have seen your faces without binoculars 

53. GSV

Too bright. Is this he Instagram of a wannabe influencer? Crop it, it will be better. 

Grade: 5.4

52. Studiosi Mobilae

Photographer: Wesley de Jong

We were unfamiliar with the student association for millers. Aggressively Dutch, this.

Grade: 5.49

51. UNICEF Student Team Groningen

Photographer: Maisara Elkattan

Love the symmetry. Did this photo come with a frame from the Action? 

Grade: 5.5

50. HSV

This is basic on basic. It looks like you all have been photoshopped in the photo.

Grade: 5.5

49. TW!ST

Photographer: Goitzen van der Veen

Whose wedding is it? The picture is cute, but show your face more next time. 

Grade: 5.5

48. GLV Idun

Photographer: Niels Jansen

There are at least four more interesting places to take your picture inside this picture.

Grade: 5.6

47. Ilythia

New cast of House Anubis or an all-female reboot of The Addams family?

Grade: 5.6


Photographer: Stijn Rosier

The woman on the left seems to be planning a coup on the chairman with that one foot in front of him. It also looks like he’s never been in between two women before. 

Grade: 5.6 

You get 1 point extra if you tell us why there’s one woman in a dress, is she special?

45. Tweeslag

We’re a slut for outdoor pics!  We get a post-apocalyptic feel from this. Next time put your clothes on before you get your picture taken. 

Grade: 5.6

44. Mayday

Photographer: Marten van Wijhe 

What do the knots mean? WE NEED TO KNOW! Let’s knot.

Grade: 5.8

43. SurfAce

Photographer and editor: Greta van Dijk en Nick Boer

We love the skin, but the rest is so weird. You tried very hard and we love that, but this is just not so good. 

Grade: 5.8 for the picture, 9 for the bodies. We look like that in our dreams.

42. Siduri

Photographer: Lotte Oldejans

Why are you looking up? Look to the East!

PS Is Australia in the Middle East?

Grade: 5.9

41. Veracles

There are so many weird things going on in this picture, but no clue what your board is about. The guy on the right is preparing for the rest of the year: ‘How am I gonna cope with 6 girls!?’

Grade: 6

40. SIB

Great pose, but what is the guy in the front doing? Fighting some more windmills, Don Quichot? 

Grade: 6


Photographer: Victor Verduijn

Love the creativity. Would’ve been better if you had nice asses and they were all visible. Next time girl on top please! 

Grade: 6

38. Ad Legem

Afbeelding met persoon, buiten, grond, poseren

Automatisch gegenereerde beschrijving

Photographer: Sjoerd Mulder

This is what power women look like! Next time wear matching scarfs. 

Grade: 6

37. SV Tapp

Afbeelding met gras, buiten, persoon, gebouw

Automatisch gegenereerde beschrijving

Were there also five photographers around you? We can’t look as serious at this picture as you look in it. You made us laugh out loud :). 

Grade: 6.1

36. G.S.T.V. Tritanium

Famke Louise’s new album cover. Is pool a part of the triathlon now?

Grade: 6.1


This would’ve been so cool in 2010, just like the blue shoes. Best desktop background of 2019, tho. 

Grade: 6.1

34. ESN

Photographer: Marten Duits

Nice background, nice positioning, but you are too far away to see your pretty faces. 

Grade: 6.1

33. Martinistam

Photographer: Yke Wijker

You get 5 points for you face, guy on the left. It honestly looks so cozy. Please put on your uniforms next time!!

Grade: 6.1

32. Lacrosse Groningen Gladiators

Photographer: Jochem Henk Dorrestein

So many pretty girls, how do I Slytherin? You should use broomsticks next time.

Grade: 6.2

31. G.S.A.V. Vitalis

Photographer: Floor van Kampen

Properly cropped! This is a very nice one, exactly what a board picture should be. You show what you do, the quality and composition is nice. Could’ve tried to be a tad less boring, though. Running in heels would’ve been more impressive.

Grade: 6.3

30. G.S.V.V. Donitas

Photographer: Leendert Mastenbroek

Ooooh Donitas Donitas! Your background is boring as hell, maar van de voorgrond houden we wel. 

Grade: 6.3

+ 1 if the boys in the foreground had worn the same socks.

+ 1 if the volleyballs were also colored blue with yellow. 

29. EBF

Photographer: Sebastiaan Rodenhuis

Satisfying professional composition, but a little bit boring. 

PS brown shoes under a black suit…

Grade: 6.3

28. S.V. Cura

More flight attendants and they’re even on the stairs now! Color combination is super satisfying. Could’ve centered the stairs.

Grade: 6.3

27. Exploratio

Photographer: Marloes Moll

Happy brother and sister day! This picture makes us happy. 

Grade: 6.4

26. Geo Promotion

Photographer: Raoul Steyvers

The pride of Groningen: the Martinitower! Very nice photo, but the board is a bit lost.

Grade: 6.4

25. Groninger Studenten Toneel

Photographer: Tristan Foot

This picture is a wreck. It’s normal not to know what to do with your hands, but the guy in the middle doesn’t know what to do with his feet either. Sponsored by Autoservice Bolhuis. 

PS. Love the pants suits!

Grade: 6.4

24. Hanze Honours Society

The Bachelor goes Groningen! Nice reflection, but make up your own winning ideas. 

Grade: 6.5

23. G.S.B.V. Pugilice

Photographer: Jelina Hoekstra

Damn. We don’t want to pick a fight with you. Black and white is not the way to go, unless it’s an in memoriam. If you beat the winner, you get the title!

Grade: 6.5

22. Facides Dione

Photographer: Jorrit van den Eerenbeemt

It looks like the guy in the middle is going to take off at any moment and the guy on the right is cooking up some evil plans . Yes, this picture is kind of cool.

Grade: 6.6

21. SOG

Cheap Riverdale spinoff of Dutch television. 

Grade: 6.66

20. A.G.S.R. GYAS

Afbeelding met persoon, gebouw, vloer, grond

Automatisch gegenereerde beschrijving

Photographer: Jesse de Groot

We understand it’s hard to beat your predecessors. This is okay, but not thrilling. 

Grade: 6.7

19. A.S.V. Dizkartes

The guy on the left is having a hard time keeping his head in the right form. It’s a cool picture! We can hear the bells ringing, but you won’t be winning. 

Grade: 6.7 

18. HMV Actis

Photographer: Tina Kolthof

What is that graph about? What are the dices doing there? Why a fisheye lens and the ominous sky? So many questions. You make us curious! 

Grade: 6.7

17. G.S.Z.V. De Golfbreker

Photographer: Jelle de Groot

We would have liked to see a bit more skin. This is cute!

Grade: 6.8

16. Villa ‘96

We love the symbolism of DUO in the background. Maximaal lenen, maximal leven.

Great ad for a Volkswagen Beetle!

Grade: 6.8

15. G.S.M.G. Bragi

Photographer: Arjen de Boer

So dynamic, but show your face. Such a great place! Composition 10, lighting 1.

Grade: 7

14. Cultureel Studentencentrum USVA

Photographer: Hesterliena Wolthuis

This IKEA living room looks cozy, try to match that with a happy expression next time.

Grade: 7

13. ACLO

Afbeelding met buiten, gras, boom, persoon

Automatisch gegenereerde beschrijving

Photographer: Marten Duit

The letters in the back are great, but it looks like you used an instagram filter. Zitten is ‘t nieuwe roken, hè?

Grade: 7.2

12. S.V. Linkit

Photographer: Marten Duit

Ready for a bonfire and they’re lit.

Grade: 7.3

11. TBV Lugus

Photographer: Emiel de Wit

Keep barreling on! *Powered by wind energy*

Grade: 7.4

10. Student & Stad

We are only wondering how you guys dragged the sofa up the stairs. 

Only critique: no full reflection in the picture, which is a pity.

Grade: 7.4

9. Equilibrium

Photographer: Niels Jansen

We would like to do some experiments with you. Are you making some beer? 

Grade: 7.5

+1 for the camper on the background. 

8. GSWV Tandje Hoger

Photographer: Ricky Kosse

The colors are so pretty! The light of the car adds a little spark to it. We wouldn’t like to be the fifth wheel here. The guy in the back seems to have fallen out of the tree.

Grade: 7.6

+1 point for the 06 of the guy in the front.

7. N.S.G.

Photographer: Daniëlle van den Dorpel

Zoom in! Very beautiful, but so much emptiness. 

Grade: 7.7

6. S.V. RealTime

Photographer: Isa de Boer

We like this! We love the contrast: a lot of highlights on the people. You turned a very cliché setting into something nice. 

Grade: 7.8

5. Ibn Battuta

Photographer: Celine Staal

The cast of a reality show centered around very rich white people. Downton Battuta. Very nice picture!

Grade: 7.9

4. S.G.O.R.

Photographer: Julia Zijp

We would definitely call you for financial advice! Great ad for Suit Supply. 

Grade: 8

3. O.C.S.G.

Photographer: Marinda Pierik

This photo makes you look for the cork. This makes us happy! Could’ve been even cooler with some red wine.

Grade: 8.2

2. Stichting KEI

Photographer: Marten Duit

Everything in the picture is on fire. Very bold statement. The guy in the back looks like a super villain.

Grade: 8.5

1. Stichting StuKaFest

Photographer: Sjoerd Knol

This is awesome! The picture shows who you are and the contrast is amazing. For Balder: could’ve been a ten if you tied your bowtie yourself. 

Grade: 9.5