Beer crate meal: a delicious dish for the broke student

Every student has been there: at the end of the month with the DUO-contributions within reach but an almost empty wallet. Therefore, we introduce to you, the beer crate meal. A recipe that you can buy (almost) fully with the deposit you get when you hand in your beer crate.

This week: A Mexican bowl


·      Rice                                                                          (400gr white rice €0,69*)

·      Pre-cut Mexican veggies                                                                    (400gr €2,49*)

·      Salsa sauce                                                                                        (230gr €0,98*)

·      Minced meat*                                                                                 (300gr €1,79*)

*Replace the meat when you are vegetarian or vegan with a vegetarian option or with kidney beans.

Total costs for one person: 

100 gr white rice €0,18 + 250 gr vegetables €1,56 + 115 gr salsa sauce €0,49 + 150 gr minced meat €0,90 = €3,13.


·      Cook 100gr rice as is indicated on the packaging.

·      Fry the minced meat in a pan with some olive oil. You can add herbs you like to make it even tastier.

·      Add the Mexican veggies.

·      Stir-fry until the veggies are cooked.

·      Add the salsa and mix it with the minced meat and vegetables.

·      Let it stand for a while till it simmers.

·      Put the rice on a plate and add the vegetable mix.

Bon appétit!

*prices are based on Jumbo. You can always look for cheaper alternatives at Lidl, Aldi or the market.