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Five study spots in Groningen that aren’t boring

It’s that time of the block again: you’re in the final three weeks, and have deadlines and exams o’ plenty. Your room, although nice, is becoming a bit too small for your liking, and maybe you’re finding it hard to focus. Let’s get you out of there!

The first places you think of are probably the Forum or the University Library. Of course, the Hanze has many study places on the Zernike Campus as well, but maybe you’d rather go to a place a bit more comfortable and cosy. Here are five places you can go to instead.

Small Author’s note: these places are establishments that require you to get something like a drink or snack/meal in order for you to be there. However, all these places allow you to bring a laptop (which is not something every cafe allows).

1. Starbucks Herestraat

This new Starbucks is a lovely place to come to for a delicious cup of coffee, and to get some studying done. The nice part about this place is that it has a second floor with plenty of comfy chairs to sit on. The sounds of yelling baristas create a perfect ambiance for you to be productive (just kidding, but the coffee-making noises are actually really nice). The nice part of this Starbucks is that it also has a great view over the Herestraat. Very good to have if you enjoy people-watching ;).

Address: Herestraat 1

2. Kattencafé Op z’n Kop (cat cafe)

If you’re more of a cat person than a dog person, this place was made for you. Yet another place for you to get a nice drink, but this time whilst being accompanied by cats(!). Open up your laptop here, and allow your new furry friends to lie somewhere near you for optimal  studying conditions. 

Address: Oude Ebbingestraat 57

3. Anne & Max

This cafe is technically a chain (as they have multiple locations in the Netherlands), but that doesn’t make it any less cosy. Located near the Boterdiep, it’s the perfect place to study with views of the water. What’s nice about this place is that it’s what they refer to as a ‘living room cafe’, which means that they try to mimic the environment of a living room with things like couches, rugs etc. Also nice: the Anne & Max has a small but lovely outdoor terrace in the sun. Great if you want to enjoy the nice weather when you’re done studying, or if you need a little break.

Address: Turfsingel 18

4. Doppio

The Doppio is truly a classic. The location at the Brugstraat is especially large, increasing the chances of you finding a good spot to work. Get yourself a nice cup of coffee, or perhaps a delicious sandwich, and get your study on! Surrounded by sounds of fresh coffee being ground, and milk steamers, you are sure to find your focus here.

Address: Brugstraat 6 (There are two Doppio’s in the city, this is the one I recommend!)

5. Food Matterz

This place is nice because they offer some really great breakfast options! Perfect if you want to have a meal with a friend prior to studying. The ambiance here is also really cosy, and its location is on the corner of the Oude Ebbinge. Another tip: Give their flat white a chance!

Address: Oude Ebbingestraat 86