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De Toeter – Are you up for a drink or two?

Our beautiful student city Groningen offers us a handful of cosy places, from cafes and restaurants to pubs and bars. Whether you are looking for a comfortable café to sit down for a hot chocolate, or a restaurant to experience a calm vibe in addition to your meal – this city offers it all. 

Luckily, there are also hidden gems in every city. Groningen is no different. 

At first a bit shy, not too crowded during the weekdays, de Toeter looks inviting. They say not to be fooled by looks, but this café looks too good not to enter. From the bright green sign outside the bar, the barmen with smiling faces, to absolute bangers playing from the speakers, the atmosphere is like no other. Occasionally some laughter coming from the many student associations who hold their meetings at the pub, and a good beverage (hot or cold, whatever is your preference) can cure any mood that is not good. 

De Toeter is a place where you can enjoy some time by yourself, as it’s hard to feel lonely in such a mellow place. With a hot drink in front of you in the colder months of the year (spoiler: if you enjoy sweet beverages, their hot chocolate is out of this world!), the pub can feel like a beautiful, wooden escape from all your school assignments and responsibilities. 

De Toeter is not a place to enjoy the utmost quietness, as most places in the city, but it differs from all other pubs and gathering places because of its comfortable atmosphere. The background noises can be more comforting than you might imagine from just reading this. 

On the other hand, you can gather with friends to celebrate having a good time and enjoying your student life to the fullest. Whether it’s drinking many pints of beer, or glasses of wine, you’re bound to have a good time if you have two things – good company, and good drinks. De Toeter will provide the second one, so half of the equation is solved.

However, as the warm months are approaching, and as the city is coming out of its hibernation period, it’s possible to enjoy your beverage sitting in the outside area, which can be swarming with people if you don’t get there early enough! As it faces the canal, summer nights spent at de Toeter can be especially beautiful and even have an ‘Instagram-worthy aesthetic’, if that’s what you’re into. 

From Blokes to de Brouwerij, you have endless possibilities to grab a drink in the city. You can even find Poelestraat swarming with people on most evenings, but all that gives more contrast to de Toeter, as you wouldn’t expect that kind of an atmosphere from just looking at the pub from the outside. 

So, are you up for a drink or two?