Studentenkrant’s April Horoscopes

Wow, how did we like that big finale at the end of March? It’s still playing out now. I told you 2020 was going to be difficult. If you want to mark your calendars for a time when this current panic will (mostly) subside, that will be by the middle of May. But I’m sorry to say, April isn’t going to bring immediate relief. The first week or so is especially rough. After that we can slowly de-escalate, but watch for sudden upheaval and stirred tempers around April 23rd. 

Note: These horoscopes are written for your rising sign/ascendant sign. However, you may still try reading your sun sign. See which is more accurate for you in the end. 

If you don’t know your rising sign, you can calculate it online. It depends on the time and location of your birth. is one reliable website for this. You are looking for the sign of the “AC”/“Ascendant”, which is located in the left part of your chart. 


So, you just got through a boxing match with your friends- and they beat you, right? You’ll have to deal with tension around them all month. Hey, but that’s somewhat preferable to having that heavy tension inside of yourself. If you friends ditch you, maybe think about starting a love affair with your neighbor. Logistics look good for that possibility. 


You may experience sudden, unexpected changes. That’s been true for a while, but those themes will be more heavily agitated this month. Your partner may also damage your public image. You’re sometimes drawn to the intense, antagonistic sort-of types, so I know you’re no stranger to that situation. Make sure you have all your bases covered, because this month is about instability.


Now is the time for you to keep a sharp eye and take notes. Think about what was happening in your life during May&June of 2012 in regards to your identity. A similar cycle is about to repeat, from now until July. It will likely involve a revision of your mental and creative health. So whatever comes up after the 10th of April, is going to come up again for you in the next couple months. Don’t fret, it might be fun.


Besides that debt you owe, nothing too horrible is going to happen this month. In fact, I bet a bit of pressure has been lifted from you. You can finally breathe again. Lucky you. The pressure is moving onto other people now. So feel free to stay quiet and rest this month, and to finally finish some tasks you started some time ago in regards to your home or family.


Relationships are continuing to be a major problem for you right now. I’m sure you’re making tough decisions. It’s a mind-numbing frustration you feel. There will be an extended interplay between your social circles- romantic and platonic. That story starts this month, but continues later. All these complications with other people may cause you to change your mind about your career or life trajectory. 


If you’re still working, don’t expect your job to be easy this month. Subordinates will cause a ruckus. Alternatively, you may have some physical accident or health scare. Don’t let any of this slide, but rather, repair it in the best way you can so that it doesn’t become worse. On the bright side: your creative output is finally getting some relief. It will feel easier to go overboard with your personal version of fun, or to make what you love to make. 


Is there anything good at all in life? There’s no easy comfort afforded to you for now. Learn to use that frustration to your advantage, to fuel your output. Desire and pleasure are important enough that they deserve proper dedication, structure, and energy to properly fulfill. So while it won’t come simply, focus on understanding and obtaining what you really want. I know you love playing peace-maker, but drop it and put your personal needs first for once.


Ah, I hope your family is okay. Make sure you take care of them if they need it, because they’re feeling heavy. This doesn’t include your extended family- they should be in the clear now. Other than that, some important changes surrounding your partner may be triggered by an out-of-the-blue circumstance. Luckily, to help deal with all this, you’ll find your style of communication becoming more open and clear.


Are you feeling obsessive lately? It may feel like all the luck in the world has evaporated from you. But after this month, you’ll slowly feel better. Besides that current gloom, pay attention to events in your love life after April 10th, as those events will need to be revisited later. A similar admonition to look back to 2012 is applied to you as it is to Gemini, except this will apply to your relationships rather than your own personal identity.


So, what happened? Did you have some unexpected expenditures, and now you’re really broke? Better restructure them and try to save a bit of money, given the global circumstances. It’s difficult right now, but your finances will become better much later in the year. Despite the current situation, I bet you’re feeling a lot lighter, right? If you want, you have room to shake the cobwebs off of your shoulders and expand and grow in a healthier direction.


You’re a trooper. If you can get through this month, you can get through anything. Seriously, are you okay right now? If you need to relax or recover from something, you’ll have readily available physical indulgences- whatever that means in your book. Maybe take a bath and have some sweets? Your mental health, at least, will feel less compressed than it has for a while. 


Sorry, dear. Like Sagittarius, I’m sure things have also been strangely intense for you, and you’ve had no relief. Something upsetting is hovering just out of your sight and following you around. I know your heart is expansive and deep, like the sea. Well, best to take your sails down and let the current have you for now. The curse will eventually lift, but not yet. Rely on your friends until then.

Chai Skyler

Ik ben student aan Academie Minerva, waar ik me focus op schilderen. Ik vind het al sinds ik een kind was leuk om te schrijven. In mijn vrije tijd ben ik meestal aan het lezen, schetsen of ben ik met vrienden. Ik heb een fascinatie voor astrologie. Mijn favoriete dier is de krokodil.