Studentenkrant’s March Horoscopes

March starts out a bit drunk, then progresses through a light hangover and ends with a decisive crack of thunder. We get a preview starting on the equinox (March 21st) of a major change in the sky. This begins the conclusion of a three-year phase. It won’t be fully implemented until December 2020, but stay alert so you’ll know what themes to later expect in 2021.

Note: These horoscopes are written for your rising sign/ascendant sign. However, you may still try reading your sun sign. See which is more accurate for you in the end. 

If you don’t know your rising sign, you can calculate it online. It depends on the time and location of your birth. is one reliable website for this. You are looking for the sign of the “AC”/“Ascendant”, which is located in the left part of your chart.

Aries ♈

You’re finally going to get a break. Some pressure will be taken off your shoulders for a while. Unfortunately, simultaneously, some violence may start among your friends. Problems that you thought were taken care of with them will be dragged back up. Your best bet is to play peace-maker, for once.

Taurus ♉

Oh boy. Time to buckle down and take care of some business. But watch out for scandals, rumors and enemies following you around. Stay away from public arguments. On the bright side, you’ll be looking especially radiant this month. I know you always like checking out your own reflection. 

Gemini ♊

Planning to travel? Maybe think twice about booking any tickets… you will definitely encounter problems. You’ll also start questioning your own beliefs and worldview, or even your current study. Keep an open mind to everything that is foreign to you. You think you’ve figured it all out, but trust me, no one has. 

Cancer ♋

Are you sure you’ve paid all your debts? Better check up on that. Be really careful about borrowing money, or someone will break your legs. With your relationships, you can finally breathe a sigh of relief. Things will be more casual for a while. Use this lessening of responsibility to hang out more with your friends. 

Leo ♌

You won’t escape without at least a little hiccup in your relationships towards the end of the month. Watch out for intense fights. What do you really want in your romantic relationships? Are your current rules and boundaries working with you? This will be an opportunity to seriously lock it down or let it go.

Virgo ♍

Did you make up with your lover yet? If not, you will soon. Meanwhile, don’t let yourself get too stressed out this month. Your day job or your health are going to encounter some obstacles. You might have to slow down and work more on those topics. This might mean a laser-focus applied to your exercise routine.

Libra ♎

Your creative output is about to go through some restructuring, as well as some serious frustration. I’d guess the same applies to your sex life too… In general, there will be barriers to your pleasure. Positively, if you decide to borrow money, it will go very well for you. If you have a partner, they might fall into some increased finances. 

Scorpio ♏

How certain are you feeling about your home and family? Take your time to think about it. This will beg your attention, and a complication may come up. Your private life is going to hit a rough patch. But, if you’re in the mood to be romantic, you’ll have ample opportunities. 

Sagittarius ♐

Good news: Your health will settle into a pleasant stride. It’s also a perfect time to get a pet. Bad news: your extended family might experience distress. Didn’t you have a misunderstanding with them recently? Alternatively, your commute will start to make you angrier than usual. 

Capricorn ♑

I know your life has been crazily rough, but soon you’ll finally get to calm down. Unfortunately, your bank account is going to severely suffer. On the plus side, you might get some loving, slow, sensual sex. That should help ease your tensions. 

Aquarius ♒

I really hope you took your time to privately recharge last month. Do you understand the feel of ramming fully on the gas while the breaks are on? Get ready for that. But also get ready to start taking more charge and control over yourself. You’re poised to stand firmly at your own steering wheel. 

Pisces ♓

Okay, I see you’re still completely in fantasy-land. Say your prayers. You will feel like you are trying to wake up from a dream, only to realize that you are in fact still dreaming. Maybe try doing more drugs, or take up meditation? I don’t know, your choice. Good luck.

Chai Skyler

Ik ben student aan Academie Minerva, waar ik me focus op schilderen. Ik vind het al sinds ik een kind was leuk om te schrijven. In mijn vrije tijd ben ik meestal aan het lezen, schetsen of ben ik met vrienden. Ik heb een fascinatie voor astrologie. Mijn favoriete dier is de krokodil.