No pain, no gain!

Door: Kathelijne Tijms en Maike van Eldert

Vans, Dr. Martens, Converse, Superga and so many other brands nowadays add a new dimension to their boots or sneakers, namely the platform sole. Half of Groningen is walking around town with this expansion of their sole. Where is this new trend coming from?

This trend is not introducing itself out of the blue. Its roots lie in the nineties, the time of the Spice Girls. It is hard to miss if you take a look at the streets: the 90s are making a comeback!

The platform sole can’t be labeled as comfortable, because there is a high risk of tripping. Your shoe cannot bend when you walk and therefore you occasionally look a bit like bigfoot. Yet the sneakers are hip, cool and even make you just a few centimeters longer (shoutout to all the small girls!). Just keep this in mind while wearing these shoes because no pain no gain!

The platform sole is not the only trend from the nineties that’s making a comeback. Anywhere you go you just need to take a look around and you will see the return of trends from the nineties. The last few years these trends mainly consisted of animal prints, flared pants, the Levi’s 501 jeans and sports brands such as Kappa, Lotto and Champion. Five years ago you could buy these sports brands for just ten euros at a few local sports stores, and now they can be purchased for at least three times the amount of money in all clothing stores and web shops.

Since the summer of 2018, there appear to be even more trends which are rising from their deaths. Think of the tie-dye print, the scrunchie, the biker short, eye-catching hair accessories and neon colors. You might not ever want to wear some of these trends, but believe me: everyone will be wearing them in the blink of an eye.

If you have no idea what this is all about or if you just want to read some more about the upcoming trends to get ready for the festival season? Don’t worry because we will list the do’s and don’ts for you.

The “scrunchie” for example. Almost every girl has a number of these in her closet. If you have missed this trend, scrunchies are large hair elastics with a soft fabric in many different colors. Whether you wear it as a bracelet or in your hair, for which the thing is actually intended, it is soft and it is trending: you don’t need anything else. Tip: stick to one around your arm or in your hair. Don’t overdo it!

Another notorious trend is the biker short. Many fanatic cyclists won’t know what’s happening to them and they will no longer have to purchase a new summer wardrobe. Neon yellow, neon pink or snake print, it’s all possible. It will probably be comfortable, but whether it really does something for the eye? Opinions are still divided on this. Fun fact: Princess Diana is the one who started this trend. We are forever grateful to her, right?

Also discovered in the nineties: the tie-dye print. Nicely cheerful and colorful or just gray with white, preferably as many crazy colors as possible mixed together. If you don’t have the money for all these trends? You can easily make this tie-dye print yourself. All you need is an old T-shirt and some paint. You will probably have enough time during the summer holidays for a fun DIY (do-it-yourself:

Finally, one last, very bright, trend. For those who have always wanted to walk around like a living glow stick: it’s your time to shine, because it’s impossible to imagine a fashion magazine without neon colors nowadays. Everything is possible: fluorescent pink trousers with bright blue cat eye sunglasses, just go for it!

Are these trends not your cup of tea? Don’t worry, we are convinced that in a few years the fifties will be completely hot and happening again. When the time comes you can safely take your grandma’s flower dress out of the closet!

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