House Rules

At the SK we like to mess around a bit, but we also make sure that our articles are censored edited, because of respect to moral guidelines. The same also applies to anyone who wants to leave a comment. Of course we welcome reactions, but to keep it neat and nice, here some house rules.

Rule of thumb

Before responding, consider whether your response is also informative and / or entertaining for others!

What is under no circumstances allowed on this website is
  • Racism
  • Sexism
  • Anti-Semitism
  • Threats
  • Name Calling
  • Bad language
  • Sharing of Private data
  • Off-topic Responses


The Groninger Studentenkrant cannot exist without its subsidies, so we have to keep certain people happy in certain positions. Haha, not! Yes, we may get a pittance from the university, but we gather most of our funds ourselves. We will probably get more with the ads on the site that nobody gets to see thanks to AdBlocker. The SK is by students and for student. In other words, the SK is ours! We do not like meddling and negativity. We will support every editor until our bankruptcy and their equal is therefore always on our side.

However, that does not mean that we aren’t open to suggestions. Do you want to suggest an improvement? For that we have Facebook , Twitter and old-fashioned e-mail, all for your commentary. Spill your heart out, but do not lose your highly educated judgment on hate speech, because then we must again ask our webmaster about moderation and he responds rather slowly. Okay? Thanks!


These house rules were only drawn up when someone started calling out weird things, so maybe we will adjust them at a random moment because something else does not suit us again. It is therefore not a law book and everything always works in our favor in retrospect and in retrospect.

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