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The ten: How to find your new private study spot on Tinder

Are you living in a busy studenthouse? Or are you having trouble concentrating in you 8 square meter room? No stress! Tinder is the place to find a handsome guy with a nice and quiet apartment. At least, I did.

Step 1:

Download Tinder.

Step 2:

Only like guys who look like they have some money to spend, or have pictures of themselves in their big apartment.

Step 3:

Casually ask them about their living situation. Living in a student house? Unmatch. Living with their parents? Unmatch. Living in a lovely apartment that’s way too big for them alone? Hell yeah, let’s have a drink.

Step 4:

Go on a date at his place. Behave like the person you’d want to hang out in your house all the time. You don’t even have to be yourself if you are annoying, because all you want to get out of this relationship is some nice and quiet study time.

Step 5:

During the date, mention that you have such a hard time studying at home and you would be so happy to have a place like he has.

Step 6:

Have more dates, but plan them during the day. You can even blame the curfew. Just bring your study-stuff, because ‘’they were still in your bag’’.

Step 7:

Have some drinks with him and then say that you just have to quickly do some study work. Mention that maybe that will motivate him to do some studying (or working on something else) himself. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Step 8:

Keep telling him how great it was that you could do it at his place and ask if he would want to have some study dates.

Step 9:

Have amazing study dates. Bring snacks, beers and have study breaks together in which you start to watch a very tensive show together. In this way you have another reason for him to want you to come over.

Step 10:

Congrats, you now have a very nice study spot and hopefully a new friend.

Anyway, I accidentally found a handsome guy with a nice apartment on Tinder. Without this I probably wouldn’t have been able to pass my exams last semester. Thanks my boy.

Disclaimer: I am now in a relationship. Shit happens.