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Online Uni; Because we must

It has now been almost four months since the Netherlands has gone into lockdown. On the 12th of March, the University of Groningen announced that all teaching, exams and large events would be cancelled until the 10th of April. Since then, all possible forms of education have been transferred to an online system. What’s more, the VSNU (the Association of Universities) has put forth a scenario for teaching in the next scholarly year: “On Campus, if we can. Online, because we can”. But online teaching has not gone smoothly all around. How have students experienced these few weeks of online education? And how will this system work in the future?

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Studentenkrant’s Summer Horoscopes

July and August are a slow build up to the tumultuous fall months. July is spitting and hot, and not good for matters of communication. August offers some motivation and energy, and is overall more pleasantly uneventful compared to other months in 2020- although, the last weeks of August are increasingly tense. Still, we can take a break this summer before heading straight into the fray of a stressful and combative autumn. Whatever seemingly small problems you encounter in these two months are going to later be drawn out for much longer than expected.

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