Wijland Sessies (Meadow Sessions): weekly DJ-sets on the most beautiful spots in Groningen

Festivals have been cancelled until the first of September, we spend the holidays at home or on a balcony and we only see bar owners (in a sober state) on the screen. How can you get a bit of a festival vibe this summer in your own home? Allert de Haan and Tonnie Buist came up with a solution. The duo produces video’s with live DJ-sets under the name ‘Wijland Sessies’, translated Meadow Sessions, on typical spots in Groningen.

Allert de Haan (24) and Tonnie Buist (28) are originally from Winsum and Aduard and have been living in the city centre of Groningen for a couple of years now. That is where their collaboration began. Over four years ago, the gentlemen started playing and recording music as a hobby next to their studies and jobs. Before the Corona crisis they regularly had gigs in small bars and at house parties. Allert: “Wijland Sessies only started in the beginning of March, during a sociable student night’’ (before the meter-and-a-half society was a thing).

Wijland Sessies in this format, where dj-sets are played and recorded without an audience, got completion during the time where the corona regulations got stricter. “For us it all started in the time of social distancing, in which we as a country had to find a way to connect with each other,’’ said Allert. They want to share the most beautiful parts of the city and the surrounding area in an original way with their videos. According to the guys, the concept has already been used in several other countries.

The Groninger DJ’s mainly play house, tech house, deep house and techno during their sessions. “But in addition we also like to mix different genres into our sets occasionally‘’, tells Tonnie. To record the sessions, they need manpower and material. With the help of a drone and various arranged tripods, they capture the surroundings from different perspectives. “With these recordings there are maximum 5 people involved, and the guidelines from the RIVM are strictly followed’’, explains Tonnie.

“It is a special experience to play in abandoned places, without an audience’’, says Allert. It also presents a unique challenge. “Because of this, we keep searching for locations that fit the concept’’, explains Tonnie. With the combination of image and music, the Groninger DJ’s hope to bring the citizens of Groningen together in an appropriate way. “We find it important to provide a little relaxation, especially in these hectic times. Change perspective and enjoy what Groningen has to offer!’’

V.l.t.r.: Tonnie Buist (Wijland Sessies), DJ Mandiri, Allert de Haan (Wijland Sessies)

Allert and Tonnie post videos of their live DJ-sets weekly on their YouTube channel of Wijland Sessies. You can also find the sessions on their Instagram– and Facepookpage. This way, you can enjoy these festival free months every week with over half an hour of music and nature in order to secretly escape to a summer without corona.

The Groninger DJ’s are planning to continue their Wijland Sessions after the corona crisis. “We think it would be great to further develop the same concept but with an audience to provide citizens of and students of Groningen with a good party, within the possibilities!”

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