The ‘UB- life’ is once again in full swing. The stairs of the Academy building are no longer visible through the small groups of coffee-drinking students, the road is covered in cigarettes and you better stay clear of the Broerstraat in the mornings, unless you enjoy the sensation of 300 individuals on the hood of your car. Why does one feel the urge to join this bulk of stressing students?

It already starts at half past eight. For some even at a quarter past eight while the doors are not even open yet.  When you wish to obtain a quiet spot between the books you better be in time. And in time means fifteen minutes before opening time, because you are willing to sacrifice everything for this one perfect place, of course.     

After you have spread all your crap across the table the best you can and with that have claimed a spot for your friends as well, who could not bear to get there before half past eight, you make your way to the coffee machines. You could use a disgusting cup of coffee that costs no less than forty cents before you have to get started on the tasks ahead.  

With your caffeine-filled cup in hand, the time has come to reestablish your social contacts, you have already claimed your spot after all. First you make a phone call or two for fifteen minutes, followed by bumping into your friends at the stairs. Finally, you return to your study spot, for which you got out of bed in the first place, around ten.

Around 11 you determine that you have done quite enough for now and you decide, together with the rest of the UB, to have a break. Arrived and well at the cafeteria you come to the conclusion that it is a bit crowded there, so you get your long awaited cup of coffee and take your place on the steps. Preferably right in the middle, where you are in the way of literally everyone. You exchange relatable tales with your fellow students concerning stress, tomorrow’s exam but especially the lack of time and the probability that you will never get everything done. All while taking another sip of your well-deserved coffee.

You will have to carry on for another hour and a half, because around one p.m. it is time for lunch. You intended to make yourself a wrap with hummus but naturally, you forgot. So you better make your way to Albert-Heijn to get a few pistolets with garlic butter.  While dipping your bread in this mixture you continue to talk about your upcoming exam. That will be a disaster, you spend days in the UB but it is just too much for you to handle. After you get this off your mind you make the wise decision to get back to work, you have an exam tomorrow, after all.           

It is half past three and time for your final coffee break. Another hour and a half have passed so you have enough material to talk about. Down your coffee, work for another hour and then make your way back home. Ready for another, completely identical day.  

Maike Van Eldert

Maike Van Eldert

As a fourth-year student, I make my daily routes through the streets of Groningen. I’ve been living here for four years and I love it here. Give me a specialty beer or a glass of Sauvignon Blanc at the terrace of De Drie Gezusters, some sun, nachos, and I will be very happy. Next to that, I have a great love for language and writing. This is fully appreciated at the Studentenkrant: I write about all different topics that inspire me. This year, I’m the chairwoman of this wonderful foundation. Together with Jolien, I am making sure we’ll be able to enjoy the Groninger Studentenkrant for a long time!